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Anti-shake mode Anti-shake mode: eliminates blur by shooting when the camera is still.

Sound-activated Shutter Clap or whistle to trigger the sound-activated shutter and take pictures from afar without touching the camera!

Continuous mode shutter Continuous mode allows fully customizable burst and time-lapse photography.

Self Timer Always-accessible self-timer is set with a simple, intuitive two-finger twist gesture.

Spot Exposure Spot Focus Separate focus and exposure controls allow you to choose different points in the frame for focus and exposure.

Locks Focus, exposure, and white balance locks allow you to lock each setting individually.

Bubble Level Composition aids: bubble level measures device tilt in 3 dimensions; rule-of-thirds grid helps you frame your subject.

Other Features All the features you expect in an iOS camera: full EXIF, geotagging, digital zoom, flash control, front camera support

User Reviews

"The separate focus and exposure locks are super easy to use — among the easiest I’ve found."
-Marty Yawnick, lifeinlofi.com

"if you're looking for a camera replacement app that offers all the features... but with out the extra bloatware, then CameraSharp maybe for you."
-Glyn Evans, iPhoneography.com

"CameraSharp... contains just about any feature you can wish for in a camera app."
-Hamza Khalid, addictivetips.com

"Extremely quick, packed with features... what's not to love?"
-AndersLeet, iTunes US user

"Clap, whistle... to take a photo!!! Amazing. Also the features for White balance, exposure and focus make this way app way more sophisticated than the native camera!"
-Beautyfusion, iTunes Spain user

"I've tried dozens of apps to replace the camera... this finally is perfect: it has really useful functions, is quick, stable, lightweight, with a good interface... Absolutely the best!"
-Maccio Capatonda, iTunes Italy user

"...refreshingly to the point... CameraSharp just does its job quickly and saves in the background... helped me clear the clutter from my iPhone"
-D123, iTunes US user

"...cleanest, most user-friendly photography application out there... super easy to learn"
-Sewperrstarr, iTunes US user

"Love continuous shots feature. Something I have on my digital SLR and can use quickly on my iPhone if I don't have my big professional camera. Love on screen finger features like rotating fingers to get timer. Brilliant!"
-SpareM, iTunes US user

"...gives you all the essential features while leaving out the unnecessary fluffs. Simple and intuitive to use as well"
-mick1912, iTunes US user

"Simple, instinctive, complete"
-srylangelo, iTunes Germany user

"Nice little app! The camera responds surprisingly well to clap, whistle, etc. The anti-shake function is a good addition. For portrait and group shots of this app is awesome."
-Dreamer983, iTunes Germany user

"Really brilliant app! Whistle and it takes a shot plus the anti shake has come really in use for me as I do have a Little shaky hands!"
-Sean campbell, iTunes UK user

"One-of-a-kind design. Adjusting exposure is very convenient. Sound-activated self-portraits are easy to take."
-Anson.an, iTunes China user

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